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Office of Translational Technologies

720 Westview Dr. SW
Hugh Gloster Building, Suite 341
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

Phone: (404) 752-1177
Fax: (404) 752-1197

For licensing opportunities and information regarding 香港六合彩搅珠直播 GRA VentureLab program, contact:

James W. Lillard

James W. Lillard, Ph.D., MBA
Senior Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and Commercialization
Director, Office of Translational Technologies
Director, 香港六合彩搅珠直播 Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab
Phone: (404) 752-1863

For ATDC@香港六合彩搅珠直播 programs and 香港六合彩搅珠直播 HealthTech partnering opportunities, contact:

Arletha Livingston, PhD, MPH, MBA

Arletha Livingston, PhD, MPH, MBA
Director, 香港六合彩搅珠直播 HealthTech Innovations
ATDC Liason, OTT
Phone: (404) 756-1221

Kirk L. Barnes

Kirk L. Barnes
ATDC HealthTech Catalyst

For intellectual property committee recommendations and meeting dates, contact:

Jonathan Stiles

Jonathan Stiles, Ph.D.
Chair, Intellectual Property Committee 

For general OTT information, contact:

Yuehao Wu, MBA
Program Manager, Office of Translational Technologies