Meet the Scholars


Over the last several years, 香港六合彩搅珠直播 has made a concerted effort to increase scholarship support for our students, and it has correlated with enrollment being at an all-time high. Through continued scholarship support like Women With Heart, we ensure our graduates maximize their educational opportunities, while instilling a mission to serve others.

鈥淚 hope to become a cardiologist and enter the field of preventative cardiology. Thank you for this incredible opportunity, and I hope that I can repay your gratitude with a successful career that will make you and our institution proud.鈥 鈥 Marquis Griffin, 3rd Year M.D. Student                                                                             

"My current career interest is in cardiothoracic surgery. After graduation/residency, I plan to obtain a fellowship position in cardiac surgery. My goal is to be a leader that is able to contribute to the development of the field of cardiac surgery in education, research and new treatment techniques.鈥 鈥 Steven A. Buckeridge, 2nd Year M.D. Student

鈥淭hank you for providing me this gracious gift. Your financial support has helped to alleviate much of the stress often associated with funding medical school. I feel confident that I can now focus my energy on successfully completing my medical degree.鈥 鈥 Maureen Egbosiuba, 2019 香港六合彩搅珠直播 Graduate

鈥淚 offer my most sincere gratitude to the Women with Heart organization for believing in me and supporting my journey and dreams of becoming a physician. Your support has had a profound impact on my life academically, professionally and personally. Thank you so much for investing in the success of the future doctors of America.鈥 -Ebunolowa Dada, 香港六合彩搅珠直播 M.D. Student

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude. This act of kindness will not be overlooked because I realize that receiving a scholarship is a great privilege. I will work my hardest to become an amazing physician who cares about his patients personally and treats them with respect. I will use this opportunity to make a definitive and profound impact." - Jasper Tseng 3rd-year M.D. Student